Key Topics

NEXT BEGINS NOW brings focus to the risks you’re facing today and may face tomorrow and the specialized solutions, creative approaches, and expert insights that only Marsh can deliver.


At RIMS 2019, you’ll learn how you can apply forward-looking perspectives and digital innovations to your risk and capital strategies and make the most of your opportunities in a dynamic global risk landscape.

Cyber Risk

Losses from cyber events continue to grow into the billions of dollars. Your organization’s ability to effectively manage cyber risk requires a comprehensive approach – one combining quantified risk measurement with appropriate cyber defenses, broad insurance coverage, and well-rehearsed resiliency plans. Marsh can help you understand your cyber risks, measure their potential financial impact, and develop and implement tailored risk mitigation and transfer programs that optimize your cybersecurity investments and enable you to manage cyber risk with confidence.


Emerging Risks

Rising geopolitical and geo-economic tensions, environmental issues, and rapidly evolving cyber and technological advances and threats make anticipating emerging risks more important as adverse trends can disrupt growth, societal cohesion, and the bottom line. Marsh can help you look ahead, articulate the relevance of emerging risks to your business, and provide the expertise and solutions required for timely decisions.


Risk Finance Capital

The accelerated pace of technology development and data acquisition has fostered new ways of assessing and managing risk as well as managing capital, which continues to be in surplus. Marsh helps you better understand your risk tolerance and appetite, explore new and alternative risk financing strategies, optimize your risk finance spending, and redeploy working capital back to your business.


and Digital

The unprecedented pace of innovation creates significant business opportunities as well as risk governance and management challenges. Whether you are trying to keep up with the latest developments in cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, blockchain, or the sharing economy or are deploying technologies such as autonomous vehicles, drones and wearables, or the internet of things (IoT), Marsh can help support your embrace of innovation and technological advances while developing risk management strategies to address your associated risks.


Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion is critical for attracting talented people, serving clients and customers, and generating creative business solutions. Marsh is dedicated to leading the way in our industry and finding innovative ways to strengthen our collective and individual ability to recruit, retain, and support a diverse and inclusive culture globally that drives our business and our workplaces forward.